Amber Mug


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HMM (Human Mechanic Method) are a design studio based in Taiwan that breathe new life into everyday objects. They’ve teamed up with a glass recycler in Taiwan to create this handcrafted mug. This circular process is reflected in its form - with 12 bevelled angles like the 12 points in a clock!

Why we love it

There’s two things this mighty mug does well: it has a comfortable handle (we’re surprised how many mugs actually don’t) and it stacks perfectly in the kitchen cupboard; thanks to it’s tapered bottom. Mind you they’re so pretty you might just have them out the whole time.


Size: 11. 7 x 8. 9 x 8.1 cm

Material: Recycled Glass by Spring Pool Glass, Taiwan. * may be small bubbles and imperfections due to the unique hand-made manufacturing from recycled glass.

Origin: Taiwan