Drawing Pad

ITO Bindery

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Minimal drawing pad for your desk, design by Ito Binder. Ito Bindery are a Japanese company specialising in paper. With a history spanning over 80 years, it is currently being operated by Masaki Ito, the third-generation owner.

Why we love it

Every drawing pad is handmade by craftsmen in Tokyo and you can certainly feel the quality. Each pad contains 70 sheets of satin-smooth paper, mounted to sturdy recycled cardboard - making them the perfect drawing pads to sketch on the go! The bound side is micro-perforated, allowing you to easily tear off the sheets. Not only is it a dream to write and draw on, but it’s a great minimalist accessory for your desk.


Size: W29.7 x H23 cm (A4) / W21 x H16.8 cm (A5) / W14.8 x H12.5 cm (A6)
Material: Paper on recycled cardboard
Origin: Tokyo, Japan